Howard Moffett for State Representative
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A Message from the Candidate

Howard Moffet

I’m running for re-election to one of two House seats in Merrimack District 9 (Loudon and Canterbury) because I want to protect the gains made for New Hampshire’s working families during the last session of the Legislature, and keep the state moving forward, not back.

After the bitter divisiveness of a highly partisan legislative session under former Speaker Bill O’Brien in 2011-12, this past session has been marked by civility, respect for differences, and bi-partisan legislative accomplishments. A Democratic majority in the House, working with a Republican-majority Senate, passed several measures that will make life better for all Granite Staters, including:

So I’m running again, as a moderate Democrat, to preserve these gains.

But I’m also running again because there is more to do. I believe the biggest problem we have in American society at this point in the 21st century is the growing income gap between working families and the super-rich. Although the productivity of American workers has increased many times over since 1980, virtually all of the resulting income gains have gone to those in the top 1% of the income scale, while average working Americans have seen their real (inflation-adjusted) earnings decline during that period. Something is wrong with this picture. If re-elected, I will support efforts to establish a meaningful state minimum wage law, building on the one that cleared the House in this past session but failed by two votes in the Republican-led State Senate. (For more, see the “Issues” page on this web-site.)

My core values haven’t changed since I ran in 2012. I still believe we need to strengthen our economy by creating good jobs at good wages; give divisive social issues a rest for a while; think carefully and talk respectfully with each other about what services we need and expect from state government, and how to pay for them; protect access to basic health services for women, children, and families; support public education from kindergarten to the state university system as an investment in our children and our state’s future; and honor those in uniform—our troops, veterans, police, and firefighters—those who put their lives on the line to protect and defend us every day.

Whether you’re a Democrat, Independent, or Republican, I’m asking for your vote, and I’ll very much appreciate your support.

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